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Apr 9, 2014


Adidas and Nike are in a foot race to see who can perfect a knit—not sewn—shoe that will wastes less material and doesn’t need as much cheap labor to make.

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Mar 26, 2014

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Mar 8, 2014


Carhartt x Vans Syndicate Old Skool (by Deniz Kaya)

Mar 3, 2014
Wow. Much analytic. So differentiable.
Complex analysis instructor (via mathprofessorquotes) Feb 25, 2014
The definition of the college lecture is a mechanism of moving information from the notes of the professor to the notes of the student without it moving through the minds of either.
Differential equations professor (via mathprofessorquotes) Feb 20, 2014
It’s not an abuse of notation. It just fell down the stairs.
Combinatorics professor (via mathprofessorquotes) Feb 19, 2014
I mean, they can offer you love, but I can offer you…math…
Differential Equations professor after a group of a cappella Valentine’s Day serenaders interrupted the lecture (via mathprofessorquotes) Feb 15, 2014


Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse ‘Independence Day’ Red (by jonomfg)

Feb 9, 2014

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Feb 9, 2014